Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dumping Plain text Chat From Memory - Forensic

We've already posted a way to capture ram using Dumpit now in this particular blog post we're going to show you how you can dump clear text chat messages from the memory so let's do it.

Capturing Data

Before Caputring Data We'll quickly use our browser to send some messages so let's do it and im using google hangout messenger.

memory analysis tools
Hangout messages

we can use the same Dumpit also but let's not limitize yourself to it, we'll use RamCapturer this time so just grab it from this URL and dump the ram meory using it.

memory analysis tools
Ram Capturer

Now open the memory Dump using Winhex which is also publically available to Download at Following URL.  let's open dump using Winhex and try to search for keyword hangout and see what we get.

memory analysis tools
Hangout keyword search

so upon searching hangout keyword i got many result and analyzing it one by one was difficult so i kept on trying and finally found a string which is in every hangout message and i just searched that string in the winhex. string is:
 and below are the results.

memory analysis tools
hangout forensics

memory analysis tools
hangout message found

and there it is, we can find various things like emails etc just using some wildcards & regexes. hope it'll help.


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