Saturday, November 5, 2016

Live Physical Memory Analysis - Ram Analysis

Welcome friends, we all know the importance of physical memory i.e RAM and also the importance of it as once the computer is shutdown next time we won't be able to find out which process currently were running on the system before the shut down so we need a quick way to scan the ram i.e physical memory using useful memory analysis tools.

RAM Analysis

I fired up my windows xp machine and gave it 256MB of ram so we can easily analyse it. then i used the DumpIt.exe tool to dump the data out of ram physical memory.

Ram Memory Analysis Forensic

Friday, November 4, 2016

Performing Metadata Forensics Intelligently

Metadata Analysis is something very interesting and untried by most of bug bounty hunters and security researchers, and the Truth is that metadata stuff cold be found in each domain of the information security. See below a little introduction about metadata first before going towards analysis.

What is Metadata ?

metadata basically is something that let's know about details, type, functionality and a couple of other useful things about a specific data. Now this data could be anything, an image, document, binary file, webpage any stupid thing available in the domain of information security.