Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hacking Any PPTP Vpn in 3 Minutes

pptp vpn basically stands for point-to-point tunneling protocol virtual private network which can be connected in order to be the part of a network. there are many benefits and profits if one is able to access the credentials of this vpn connection. so here is the demo how we'll do it.


we need an attacker and a victim machine to which we'll perform the attack, i am using windows 7 and backtrack for the purpose, below is the IPs of the machines and the vpn connection settings.

create vpn
Windows IP

create vpn
Backtrack IP

now let's see network credentials and the file we'll be using to crack the password.

create vpn
chap2asleap link

create vpn
vpnbook details

now let's do ip forwarding and arpspoofing on target machine in order to sniff the traffic.

create vpn
now its time to rock. next we have to connect the victim machine while sniffing the traffic. and add the filter chap in wireshark so let's do it.

create vpn
victim connected

below is traffic captured of this vpn connection using chap filter.

create vpn
traffic captured with chap filter

next We're all set to perform the attack see the ppp challenge handshake so we can identify the challenge & response for the connection. finally we'll perform the attacking process see below the screenshot to find how it happened.

create vpn
cracked password

That's, how simple it was, you can see below video if you don't understand any step the video covers each n everything for dummies. Thanks for reading Please leave your feedback.



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