Thursday, September 21, 2017

Security Researchers Have Hijacked Your DNA

DNa Hacked

A team of security researchers has hacked a computer using code written into a synthesized DNA strand.
The hack was done as a call to arms to the genetic data processing community to ensure best practices, and to stimulate discussion around DNA sequencing.
According to TechRadar, there's no need to panic about the University of Washington team's effort.
The point of the work that such security researchers do is to head off issues before they happen.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Analyze Macro Code from Malicious Documents

Microsoft office is something i guess everybody uses it and knows about it and you are a regular computer user then to somewhat extent you are definitely going to use Microsoft office or any other variant, so in this particular post we want to show you how malicious documents can be analyzed in order to find malicious macro code. so let's start it.

Malicious Samples

Macro Code is usually written in vba programming for more on it just see the wiki. here i have some malicious sample files which you can get by asking me in comments. they contain some macro code which basically just pings localhost and opens notepad.exe on a windows host.

vba programming
malware asking for enable macro

Friday, November 11, 2016

cuckoo sandbox Automated Malware Analysis

cuckoo is a very famous automated malware analysis sandbox using which you can create your own poor guy's malware analysis lab. so let's see how we achieve the goal, stay with me.

Installation & First Run

As the Focus is not installation so i'll simply not let you suffer the huge article pain for installation, if you feel free to install you are pretty good to go with default installation url and if you feel like lost ping me and i'll help you in setting it as much as i can. okay so i assume you guys have already installed cuckoo and let's first run the cuckoo sandbox and virtual-box as well so that cuckoo can find our guest windows xp.

malware analysis sandbox